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NovaSmart Technology is an R&D company specialist in Web/Software/Firmware/Hardware development. NovaSmart Technology are registered Malaysia company with registration no: 001614159-X


NovaSmart Technology had accomplish 60+ R&D project in last 10 years; range from thousands to million. We have expertise in variety technology field, including web programming, digital image processing, artificial intelligent (Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithm), CMS, GPS (hardware, software, web based), Electronic/PCB Design, PLC, automation, robotics, technology consultancy, security analysis and etc. Please see our R&D Portfolio for further list.

Our Promise

We are professional and we can guarantee the quality, reliability, scalability and security. We protect our customer with 1 year free maintenance + 1 year scalability Guarantee + 3 years free security protection. For all of our delivery, we always make sure high quality results and clear documentation and well commented source code.

-=[What Is Free Maintenance?]=-

Nothing perfect. After the final delivery, we will fix all the bugs, small enhancement for FREE for 1 year.

-=[What is Scalability Guarantee?]=-

-We work with scalability in our mind. So, your website can afford hundred thousands of simultaneous without need expensive server. So, no more downtime when you are popular!

-=[What is Security Protection?]=-

- We work with security in our mind. Every single code will be validated by our security expert. So no more HELP! MY WEBSITE HAD BEEN HACKED or HELP! MY SOFTWARE HAD BEEN CRACKED !

-=[Why Choose Us ?]=-

- Because when we talking about technology and business, money is not everything. The timely delivery, high quality result, secured solutions, low maintainance cost and expandable opportunities are more important. - We can deliver high quality results in reasonable cost. So why think twice ? Don't risk your product and your business to the amateurs.

Industry Experience

Utilities, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Consulting, Legal, Engineering, Accounting, Automobiles.